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How will voice assistants become our companions in our daily lives?


Artificial intelligence is everywhere and gradually penetrates our daily life with voice assistants in particular. How will they help us?

Beyond the voice assistants we know and as they are implemented in our smartphones, Google, Apple, Amazon and others still offer only the beginnings in terms of voice support.

Artificial intelligence is more and more present in our daily lives and this is also done through these voice assistants. By 2020, studies show that you will surely talk more to your voice assistant than to your loved ones, which is hardly surprising when you already see the place that the smartphone takes in our lives.

Thus, the voice assistant could become a true life companion and not just an assistant. Just see or review the 2014 Film HER with Joaquin Phoenix to see how far artificial intelligence could go.

Needs that do not concern only humans The voice assistant will be present in our daily lives by responding to needs that are generally given to humans. Indeed, this assistant will be able to bring you comfort in case of need or a presence if you need company.

Finally this voice assistant can be completely compared to a a true human being.

Voice assistants yes but with real conversations

Evolution is present and this shows in particular the technological advances that have been clearly made in recent years.

The are voice assistants our future?

Currently, the offers for voice assistants have clearly developed in recent years. Most Congolese are currently experiencing the beginnings of voice assistants, but there are still people who remain resistant, not least because of lack of knowledge but also because everything seems to go too fast.

As it stands, voice assistants have the ability to wake us up to music at the time of your choice, or to launch the music of our choice or to inform us clearly about the current and future weather. One of the main fears of people is that they are clearly afraid of being hacked into all their data or simply being listened to by others. A phenomenon still tinged with possible hacking.

Maybe will you be more comfortable with the connected coffee table and the connected sofa that will no doubt make a splash. So the future voice assistant will be even brighter. One of the things that can be to refer to bots that are currently considered to be bots gadgets, but that will be the future of tomorrow. The voice assistant is sort of the brain and bots designate the muscles to be able to perform all the tasks ordered by the assistant Voice.

It some studies clearly show that 85 per cent of relationshipbetween between a customer and a brand will be done in particular without human intervention by 2020.Everything should therefore be possible with the voice assistant in the coming years


For conclusion, we can therefore say that voice assistants will be part of the an integral part of the future of the future. And that’s as good as it gets in your personal life to keep you company, that in your working life. They will help us on a daily basis on the tasks primary care and vital needs… but in the long run the danger would be to consider an AI as a companion and lose the Relational. Social networks have already shown us the way borrowed by many people.

The assistant will no doubt be able to replace the work done by a human being. All these technological developments will lead to certainly job losses with job cuts that become useless. While this may frighten some people, it is necessary to put into perspective the job creation generated Also.

The question may arise, but technology is the future of tomorrow and the changes will be ever more consequential and Many. In any case, the voice assistant will be a real tool that will share your life and you may end up there really tie it up!

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